Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the sincere and sacred practice of communicating with our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer provides an opportunity to encounter the power, truth and love of God as someone prays with you, discerning and passing on what they sense God has for you.

Become a Prayer Counselor<br />

Do You Need Prayer?

Prayer is a powerful tool that the Lord has given us to communicate with him. There may be many things weighing on your heart or mind. Fill out the prayer request form and it will be sent to one of our prayer counselors.

Join Us For Friday Morning Prayers

Join us for a time of intercessory prayer on zoom at 7AM EST every Friday morning.

Our Prayer Counselors

Prayer counselors serve on Sundays during services and at other gatherings, praying for individuals who are seeking healing, guidance from God, or other petitions.

Intercessory team members pray for our church or for specific ministries in our church, meeting virtually or in person, or praying for requests shared electronically.